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About Priority Plus Plumbing

History has proven that if you provide good service you will always have work. The directors of Priority Plus Plumbing, Peter Honey and Con Papadimitriou are living proof of this statement.

These old TAFE buddies gained their licences back in 1996 and set off in two separate paths, running two companies. Yet neither were totally satisfied with the level of service they were able to offer customers.

The two companies merged to become Priority Plus Plumbing with the same vision in mind: HAPPY CUSTOMERS!

Since this time they have been able to expand to accommodate demand and with the help of the very latest technologies available, they continue improve the company’s performance, level of service and value for money.

Why use Priority Plus Plumbing?

– Guaranteed service

– Knowledge of industry

– We will always maintain communication with our clients

– Pride in our work

– Serviceability

– Scheduled appointments

– After hours service available

– Merchant banking

– New customer bonus

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Helpful Hints

Don’t over tighten your taps you will decrease the life of your washers.

Do you have noisy tap washers? Squeeze the stem of the washer and tap it in to the spindle, then it won’t spin and make a hammering noise.

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Tips for water conservation

Leaking pipes and dripping taps cause the loss of much water.

That slowly dripping tap can waste 20,000 litres in a year. While it appears to be just a small amount, a slowly dripping tap can waste a couple of litres each hour, which adds up to almost 20,000 litres a year.That’s the entire amount available each year to many people around the world. Not so insignificant!

Changing the washers usually fixes dripping taps. If this does not solve the problem, the body of the tap may need reseating. Take action and fix it now. Contact us and we will help you do your part for water conservation.

A water meter provides an easy way of determining if you have leaking pipes. Turn off all taps and read the water meter. After about three hours, read the meter again. If no water has been used the reading should be the same. If the meter has moved, then you have a leak which you need to find and fix.

Install a water tank.

Saving water in the garden

– Water efficient gardens can reduce your water bills and running costs.

– They can require less maintenance, allowing more time for other activities.

– Water efficient gardens reduce the need to build more dams, which may have to be situated in environmentally sensitive areas.

– Water efficient gardens use plants that attract native birds, making your garden a more enjoyable, relaxing environment.

– A water efficient garden directs water to where it is needed, so there are no problems with runoff or erosion.

– They are not only pleasing to the eye, they can also utilise the available space in the most practical way. This allows you to get the most out of your garden.

– A water efficient garden contributes less to stormwater flow, reducing the need for costly public stormwater projects.

– Water efficient gardens can be healthy gardens. By using the correct products and plants, you can maintain plant life and improve soil conditions.

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And some final thoughts….

– To maintain your property is to preserve your investment

– Prevention is better than cure

– Time is the only thing we can’t re-spend

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