Plumbing problems always seem to strike when we least expect them – how convenient.

The real problem, though, is when they strike in the middle of the night or after business hours. Most tend to leave it until the morning – a costly, catastrophic mistake! A mistake that you should not be repeating.

In some cases, these problems aren’t just damaging; they’re dangerous. If left overnight, you risk sewage contamination or water coming into contact with electricity!

But, how can you be sure it’s an emergency?

To help you decide, here are four serious signs that you need 24-hour emergency plumbing services ASAP!

#1 Furious Flooding

If water is pooling rapidly in a room, you may have a burst pipe on your hands. If water is shooting out from the ground outside, it could be a burst water main.

In either case, this problem is not only costly, but extremely damaging.

This much water can easily cost you thousands in restoration services, irreversibly damage your possessions and home structure, and cause mould issues.

Turn off your water supply and call a 24-hour plumber ASAP rocky!

#2 Strange Smells And Sewage

If you notice a foul smell, or even actual sewage, rising back up through your pipes and drains, you’ve got a serious problem!

This is a sign that your sewer line has blocked and raw sewage is backing up into your plumbing system.

Forget disgusting, this problem is dangerous and definitely warrants hiring 24-hour emergency plumbing services!

Sewage is a breeding ground for nasty bacteria and parasites – which are not the type of visitors you want staying the night.

#3 Without Water

Check to make sure that the problem is pervasive and not a single plumbing outlet.

If your whole home is without water, this is a silent sign of a severe leak or even possibly a collapse within your main water line!

Leaking water can rack up a colossal bill in minutes, let alone hours. So, you should call in an emergency plumber now before it gets worse.

#4 Water Within Your Walls

Can you hear the sounds of running water within your walls? Even when no one is using it?

Well, it sounds like you have a serious plumbing problem. This is the sound of a hidden leak lurking behind your walls!

The longer you leave it, the worse it gets – seeping into your foundation, structure, walls, cladding, floors, and more.

To prevent paying hundreds of dollars in damage, call an emergency plumber asap!

If you notice any one of these problems, you need to call a reliable, local 24-hour emergency plumber to avoid more damage (and more costs)!

As the Sutherland Shire’s leading local emergency plumber since 1996, we’re able to offer plumbing services day and night! We’ll be at your door in a matter of minutes, not leaving until you’re satisfied.

Whether you just need advice or 24 hour emergency plumbing services, call us at any time!