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6 Things You Should Never Flush Down The Toilet

Disposable Wet Wipes Even if the packaging clearly says flushable right on the front of it, that doesn’t mean that flushing them down the toilet is a good thing to

How to Get A Gas Geyser to Work in Como

At Priority Plus Plumbing, we have been helping residents with plumbing in Como and surrounding suburbs for years. We specialise in everything plumbing, gas and hot water, so whatever it

Plumbing Maintenance Services – When To Call The Professionals

Defective taps are among the most common family and business plumbing issues, prompting wastage of water, elevated bills, and the annoyance of frequent dripping and mess. These can needle more

7 Benefits of Installing A Backflow Prevention Device

In the present cutting edge and ultra-modern world, it’s too easy to take for granted access to clean drinking water. The truth is, there’s a ton that goes into providing

Avoiding Emergency Hot Water Repairs

Hot water heater leaks or overflows cause major damage to properties, but damage also comes from drips or leaks.  Insignificant water heater leaks could be indicative of a bigger problem

Water Saving Tips For Your Business From Your Cronulla Eco-Warrior Plumber

Saving water used to be a “home issue”.  With more sustainability pressure from consumers on businesses, saving water has shot up the priority list. Global water shortages started in 2003.

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