Frequent use of toilets, among other reasons, can lead to constant blockages and the clogging of your toilets. Many households and businesses experience toilet problems throughout the year. For comfortability, health reasons and an exceptional sanitary living and working environment, functional toilets are essential. But what causes that blocked toilets?

Flushing Tampons

Flushing tampons down the toilet can cause significant issues in toilet and sewer lines. Unfortunately, not many women are aware of this. The nature of tampons is to soak up liquids, thus expanding when in contact with water. Unlike toilet paper, they don’t break down. When flushed down the toilet, tampons get stuck in the plumbing pipes.

Flushing Personal Care Items

Tampons aren’t the only items that may blocked toilets. Sewer systems in homes and businesses are usually only designed for the movement of water, toilet paper and human waste. Flushing anything else like so-called ‘flushable’ wet wipes, dental floss and cotton buds are likely to block toilets. Remember, even if the packaging says it’s flushable, it doesn’t mean that you should throw it down the toilet bowl!

Clogged Trap

A trap is a bend in the pipe that stays filled with water. They’re found in every drain, as well as in toilets and sink plumbing systems. The water acts as a barrier against odours and gases emerging from sewer lines. Non-flushable items, like sanitary products, floss and wet wipes, are often culprits of getting suck in the bend of the trap, causing clogging when an excessive amount of these items are flushed.

Broken Sewer Pipes

In the worst-case scenario, sewer pipes can collapse or get damaged, causing a blocked toilet. And if the sewer line is blocked, this will have a significant impact on plumbing fixtures in your home. This type of problem needs to be addressed immediately. A plumber will use CCTV drain inspection equipment to assess the damaged pipes to determine whether the pipe needs replacing.

These are just some of the common causes of blocked toilets. When you need a plumber to unclog a blocked toilet, Priority Plus Plumbing is just a call away to assist you. We support our clients with effective plumbing solutions they can trust. Get in touch with us today.