A broken or leaky pipe can cause a lot of damage to your property, not to mention result in an inflated water bill! But how do you know whether you have a leaky pipe and whether you need to give us a call?

A definite sign that you have a leaky pipe is if water is staining your floor or ceiling. If this is the case it’s likely the pipe could be directly above the stain, however it’s possible the water could be travelling there from farther away. If you’re able to find the leaking pipe it’s possible you might be able to stop the leak temporarily until you’re able to get us over there. You can do this with some duct tape (if there is not too much water pressure) or with a C-clamp or sleeve clamp.

Another easy way to check if you have a leak is to shut off all the taps in your house and to locate your water meter to see if it’s running. This will give you a good indication of whether you have a broken pipe or a leak. If the meter is running it’s likely you have a broken pipe and if water is escaping at an alarming rate it’s best to turn off your water in the mains and give us a call.

Sydney Water also has some great tips on leak detection.

It’s usually better to be safe than sorry as a small problem now could turn into a big problem later, so if you’re unsure about anything help is but a phonecall away.

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