How to Get A Gas Geyser to Work in Como

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At Priority Plus Plumbing, we have been helping residents with plumbing in Como and surrounding suburbs for years. We specialise in everything plumbing, gas and hot water, so whatever it is from drain cleaning, emergency plumbing, shower repairs, leaking taps to hot water systems. Whenever you need assistance, you know who to call.

Gas geysers get activated by cold water running through the unit. For instance, when you open the hot tap, the geyser will turn on. It will automatically turn off again when you close the hot tap.

The name gas geyser can give rise to some confusion. The other name that gas geysers are known by is “gas water heaters”. This can appear to be a really fitting name since that’s exactly what gas geysers do – they heat water using a gas flame. We have been helping residents with plumbing in Como and surrounding suburbs for years.

At the core of most modern tankless water warmers is an Electronic Control Unit (ECU). The ECU controls the entirety of the functions of the radiator, including temperature control, ignition, the gas stream, and regulation. It is  liable for the security and safety aspects, with a fire sensor and programmed gas cut-off. In the event of an issue call one of our trained technicians for plumbing in Como.

Let’s break that down a bit more:

  • At the point when you turn on a hot water tap anywhere in your home, a flow sensor, associated with the ECU, distinguishes the stream and the heating process starts.
  • Try not to stress, a slow tap is not sufficient enough to turn on the unit.
  • Simultaneously, the ECU starts the progression of gas and triggers the igniter.
  • The igniter sparks until the fire sensor detects a flame.
  • In the event the unit fails to light within a few seconds, the ECU turns off the gas stream to prevent any dangerous accumulation of gas.
  • A few models additionally have a combusting fan that attracts air for the burning cycle.
  • The gas burner applies heat to the warmth exchanger, through which the water passes. The course of the water is normally a serpentine pattern, permitting the water to absorb however much warmth as could be expected from the dividers of the heat exchanger.

All things considered, come to Priority Plus Plumbing! With years of experience tackling gas geysers and plumbing in Como and surrounding areas. We are renowned experts in our field.

Call us now, and we’ll be at your door right away!


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