Our Bonnet Bay Plumbers Reveal Their Top Tips And Tricks

Although you may already have your tool belt on and wrench at the ready, DIY plumbing jobs often end up in more costly disasters without the right guidance.

That’s where Bonnet Bay’s leading plumbers, Priority Plus Plumbing, comes in!

As times are tough, and money even tighter, we try to educate homeowners on how they can prevent and repair any superficial plumbing problems they face – safely and successfully.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Forget The “Flushable” Label

Since the modern miracle of more water-efficient toilets, there isn’t enough water to flush away anything other than toilet paper – no matter how ‘flushable’ the label says it is!

Flushing items like tampons, floss, hair, and even so-called ‘flushable’ wipes will cause a stubborn blockage in your toilet, or worse, a sewage back-up.

Don’t Pour Grease Down The Drain

It doesn’t matter if the grease, oil, or fat you cook with is liquid at the time, do not pour it down the drain!

These substances will solidify the moment they cool down, which happens very quickly when they come into contact with cool pipes.

Once they solidify, they will cause blockages over time – even rock-hard ones that require professional help! Rather wipe your pan down with a paper towel and dispose of it.

Ditch Harsh Drain Cleaners

I know, the apparent instant gratification they offer is tempting, but don’t fall into this trap! Chemical drain cleaners are highly caustic (and toxic) and will corrode your pipes over time.

Ditch the drain cleaners and pour down a mixture of half a cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar instead. Let it sit and fizz for about ten minutes before flushing it down with four cups of boiling water.

Brick Be Gone!

No matter what your grandmother says, putting a brick in your toilet tank will not save you any water. It will, however, prevent it from flushing properly!

Check Before You Buy

About to buy your dream home?

New buyers are often left with hidden costly catastrophes, often unbeknownst to even to the previous owners!

Spending a couple of hundred dollars on hiring a plumber to investigate before you buy could have you thousands, even tens of thousands, later for water damage restoration, faulty work, excavation, or pipe replacements.

Don’t Puncture Your Pipes

If you’re delving into some DIY home improvement, you need to be absolutely sure there are no drainage pipes or supply lines hidden behind your ceiling, floors, or walls before drilling any holes or pounding any nails!

Something as simple as a stud finder will save you from burst pipes, extensive water damage, and stroke-worthy bills.

Soaring Water Bills?

Turn off all your taps and plumbing fixtures (and don’t forget the valve on your hot water tank) before checking your water meter.

If your meter numbers are still moving, you’ve likely got a leak lurking behind your walls or floors – and you’ll need to call an emergency plumber ASAP rocky!

With our expert Bonnet Bay plumbers’ tips and tricks, you won’t have to call them in anytime soon.

But, when the problem is pervasive, near electricity, too advanced, or involves sewage (which is illegal to try DIY away), call us at Priority Plus Plumbing!

After serving Sutherland Shire and surrounding Sydney suburbs since 1996, we’ve got unrivalled experience and specialist expertise. No matter your problem, or budget, we have a safe and successful solution for you.

Whether you need emergency help or simple advice, get in touch!