Living in an old house can be dangerous. Not only have they been through years with different people, but they’ve seen all kinds of weather conditions. The architectural and construction style, climate, and any renovations performed can give you an idea of how old a house is. But to many, ‘old’ and ‘new’ is subjective, but whatever way you wish to swing it, there are a few things you need to know regarding the plumbing of an old home that needs to be brought to light. Here are the top 5 most common water problems which can be found in old homes in Sylvania Waters.


Pipes and plumbing systems are the first things you think about when it comes to water problems. These two are the foundation if your home and are vital to prevent leak issues. As you can imagine, outdated pipes can cause significant problems in and around the house.

Broken pipes that haven’t been attended to can cause water development system issues, leaks, water damage, and plumbing system issues in a community. As expected, a community without a development system is limited and will be forced to accessing whatever freshwater is available. What’s more, this means there will be no sewage system, which could lead to water-borne diseases. A plumber needs to have been called in several times over the years to avoid this.

Root Damage

Homes usually have an aged tree or bountiful garden in the front or back garden. As much the aesthetics are appealing, this can have consequences on water systems. Any water interruption or complete blockage caused by roots can lead to various intensity issues in the drainage system. Make sure that you invest in periodic root removal as well as call in a plumber to check in on water systems to avoid such issues.

Roof Leaks 

Dancing in the rain is great fun, and a downpour of rain can be just as amazing when the weather has been unbearably warm. However, old homes that haven’t been well-maintained can have damages in the roof and walls, leading to leaks. Roof leaks can silently creep into your home and cause damage to the interior, which can be expensive to repair. Making sure that a plumber routinely checks and repairs gutter leaks, newly and renovated roofs, as well as other home plumbing systems, can be a lifesaver.

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