Water Saving Tips For Your Business From Your Cronulla Eco-Warrior Plumber

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Saving water used to be a “home issue”.  With more sustainability pressure from consumers on businesses, saving water has shot up the priority list.

Global water shortages started in 2003. Can you believe 35% of the world had no access to clean water by 2005?  By 2025 the World Wildlife Fund predicts 66% of people will have no water or be experiencing severe water shortages.  Environmental scientists expect the worldwide freshwater shortage to be at its peak within 50 years.

Time to get water-serious folks!  Let’s get cafés, sports clubs, and all businesses involved.

Here are water-smart tips from your environmentally-minded Cronulla plumber, Priority Plus Plumbing [insert contact page hyperlink]:

Low- Flow:

Opt for low-flow restrictors in office break rooms, café facilities, showers at sports clubs, and other highly communal facilities.

Standard mixers expend 15 – 18 litres/minute.  Low flow = 2 litre/minute!

Toilets may not exceed 5.5 litres per flush but using a dual flush can give you 3.5 litres per flush.

Water Audit:

If your business necessitates the use of vast amounts of water get a professional assessment done for consumption reduction.  Regular audits will identify leaks that need to be repaired.


ANY equipment in your business that uses water should be a water-efficient option.  It will pay for itself through water and heating savings.


Lawns are water terrorists. Rather a plant native or water-wise options. Water the landscaping with rainwater or greywater from the business.  This requires investment but it quickly pays for itself through savings. Greywater doesn’t have to smell, there are plant-friendly, bacteria controllers that can be added to the water.


All your employees should be involved in the water-saving and eco-efforts.  Ask them for ideas on how to save it and have fun monthly reminders.  Get them to use water-wise subcontractors and tell them when you have chosen a water-wise contractor or product.

More Hero Action:

  • Use a water-efficient dishwasher which will result in approximately 50% less water usage!  It is also MUCH more water-wise than hand washing.
  • Build up a full load in the office break room sink or café kitchen sink before running the washer
  • Scrape and paper wipe rather than water rinse dishes before loading them into the washer.
  • Do those water audits and plumbing system checks regularly for fixes and leaks
  • When using an evaporative air conditioner, set the thermostat to 24 degrees Celsius
  • Use grey water from air conditioners to add to garden watering sources.
  • Use drought-tolerant plants always, everywhere.
  • Water landscaping early in the morning or in the evening.

The only thing required now is YOUR ACTION!

Contact your plumber in Cronulla and water-hero today for comprehensive water-saving techniques and make use of water-efficient techniques to save water for the future generation.

Also servicing Gymea, Kirrawee, Sutherland Shire or Sydney.



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