What Are The Most Effective Services To Solve Blocked Drains?

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Blocked drains are among the most common and unsanitary plumbing problems anyone could experience. Small objects, tree root intrusions, and nasty things like human waste, debris, food, hair, grease, and gunk can accumulate within your pipes and obstruct water flow. When this happens, contaminated, stagnant water can build and even overflow into your home.

Other than being a disgusting health hazard, blocked drains can also cause flooding, which in turn causes damage to your building’s structures, carpets, flooring, furniture, appliances, and even the drain itself! Simply put, blocked drains need professional services immediately to prevent further water damage and bacteria-ridden environments.

But, which blocked drain services are the most effective and cost-efficient? Let’s take a closer look!

High-Pressure Water Jetting

Technologically advanced plumbing companies offer highly effective, non-invasive blocked drain services that solve the problem without causing more damage or costs along the way. These services revolutionise the investigation, detection, diagnosis, and repair process, fixing the problem promptly.

Firstly, a CCTV drain camera will be inserted into the affected drain to investigate and identify the blockage’s cause to aid in diagnosis. Then, state-of-the-art locating equipment will be used to detect the blockage’s precise location using electrical currents. Once your plumbers know what and where the problem is, they can quickly diagnose it and decide on a solution.

For physical blockages, they will use high-pressure water jetting equipment to remove the blockage safely and efficiently. Water will be blasted into the affected pipe to obliterate the blockage without having to dig up your pipe or use damaging drain augers.

‘No-Dig’ Pipe Relining

In the case of tree root intrusions and cracks, damaged or deteriorating pipes, or drains that seem to get blocked consistently no matter what professional services you use, ‘no-dig’ pipe relining is the most efficient, cost-effective option. Not only will it permanently fix the problem pipe but it will save you money on continually paying for call-outs for blocked drains!

Pipe relining is the trenchless, no-dig, non-invasive, and affordable solution to replacing or repairing pipes with persistent problems. Regardless of the drain’s location or the length of pipe needing attention, absolutely no hardscapes or landscapes will need excavation, and no new pipes will need to be bought. Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

Essentially, pipe relining is similar to ‘key-hole’ surgery, where a single, tiny access point is needed. A liner soaked in a durable, flexible resin is inserted into the affected drain using compressed air. This liner adheres to all the cracks and contours of the damaged pipe’s inner walls and is cured in place by pumping hot water through it. Once cured, your old pipe is reinforced and repaired.

Whether you have persistent pipe problems like this or your everyday blocked drain, fix it once and for all with the innovative blocked drain services offered by Priority Plus Plumbing! As a multiple award-winning plumbing company which offers 24/7 support, you can be sure that you’ll enjoy world-class service, workmanship, and rapid responses.

Contact us now to book an appointment and prevent further damage!

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