Plumbing problems require urgent attention! So, we often get tempted to fix them ourselves to try to save time and money, right? We’ve all been there. The problem is that, even with online tutorials, there are some plumbing problems that no DIY job can handle. Worse, your quick fix can cost you – in time and money! Hiring a professional plumber in Bonnet Bay and Oyster Bay is the smartest decision you can make in the long run. Here’s why:


At first, it may sound like a great idea to try a DIY plumbing project to save money. But, have you considered the risks involved? They’re huge, especially when taking into account your lack of experience and training! You’ll need to get the right tools, supplies and protective gear that a plumber would come prepared with. Then, you’ll need to factor in time to identify and understand the problem using tutorials before even attempting repairs.

Once you’re ready, it’s a hit and hope kind of situation. You can’t be confident in your work without the trained eye of an experienced plumber! In most cases, DIY results in disaster. In other cases, it results in a quick fix that deteriorates just as fast – meaning all the time and money you spent on it was wasted!


Make sure that you choose a professional plumber in Byron Bay or Oyster Bay that offers a solid guarantee! This tells you that no matter what could potentially happen, they will always be ready to go back for a follow-up repair free of charge. Doing the work yourself has no guarantee the issue will be solved!


Most homeowners don’t have years of plumbing training and qualifications under their belt, and it’s likely that you don’t either. So, doing the work yourself will only lead to you questioning whether the work was done correctly. What’s more, online tutorials just can’t pinpoint the extent of your plumbing problem! With the experienced eyes of a professional plumber, however, you can be confident that the job was done right the first time. This way, you’ll enjoy tailored solutions and peace of mind.

At Priority Plus Plumbing, we’ve dealt with enough DIY disasters to know how valuable professional plumbing is in the long run. Our highly trained plumbers are always ready to handle your plumbing problems, big and small, 24/7!

Contact us today for help from a professional plumber in Oyster Bay and Bonnet Bay! With us, your satisfaction is guaranteed!